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The green heart of Croatia

The village Čovići is located within the green heart of Croatia, the beautiful nature of Lika and close to the Velebit moutains. There are ancient woods and the unique, naturally pure and scenic river Gacka. You can reach the UNESCO world nature inheritage park "Lake Plitvice" in just 10 minutes time by car and there are just a few miles to go to the sea. Čovići offers pure recreation - you can do hiking, walking, cycling or what about fishing? The river Gacka is wellknown for the plenty of different fishes like trouts, carps and crayfishes. And many more ways for your Recreation ...

You can reach Čovići by car by driving highway A1. The modern and newly built roads are suitable for any kind of vehicle.

Ivan Simunik
Čovići 93
HR-53224 Čovići
Telephone: +385 - 98 - 1944228
E-mail: info@gacka.de

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