Some ideas for leisure

It's worth going to Gacka Valley at any season! Especially between April and October you can spend a lot of time outside and enjoy the sun and the fresh air. Nature lover find a paradies in the Gacka Valley.


We're located in the high valley of Gacka. There are many hiking trails for individual and diversified walks. You can use even trails next to the river or take a sporty challenge in the near Velebit mountains. Ambitious hiker can use the trails and fixed rope routes on Moutain Zavižan that lead up to 2000 m altitude.


The beautiful and mainly even trails next to the river invite for scenic bike tours. You can rest under the plum trees or do a picknick and simply enjoy the pure nature. Ambitious mountainbiker find great challenges in the near Velebit mountains!

Gacka Springs

One of the popular destinations are the springs of the river Gacka. It's a scenic view to the birth of the river which is one of the biggest underground water reservoirs of whole Europe. Enjoy the fresh and activating waters, watch the millwheel or relax in the sun listening to the river...

World Nature Heritage Plitvice Lakes

From Čovići you can reach the entrance to the world famous National Park Plitvice Lakes within 15 minutes. This national park was nominated to UNESCO-World Nature Heritage in 1979.

Tourism at the lakes started in the 19th century. By the mid-1980s tourists numbered 800,000 of whom two-thirds were foreign, largely German, with peak visitation in July and August. The revenue obtained from visitor fees (US$9.00) and general income from tourism amounted to some US$2.5 million in 1986. With the outbreak of war in 1991 and subsequent occupation of the park, tourism stopped completely and many buildings were damaged. In 1996, a tourism revitalization program began. Existing tourist facilities located within the park include hotels, post office, restaurants, car parks, and sports and information centers. There are now two entries for visitors, with car parks and information offices; visitors move around the park on arranged and marked paths and gangways. Within the Park, hotel accommodation is available at Plitvice, Bellevue and Jezero (currently being removed). During 1996, there were 260,000 visitors, in 1997 320,000, and in 1998 350,000. The visitor reception service has developed a system with various educational sight-seeing programs. Visitors go round the Park with a qualified guide, according to the set program. The visitor reception service also has information offices where visitors can obtain all the necessary information. The Plitvice Lakes Public Establishment collaborates with local and foreign media to promote and give information about the Park.


Flowstone Caves Samograd

The just 20 minutes by car to go caves of Samograd promise an impressive experience. This still not fully explored cave system can be visited in guided tours. During the hike you walk round 250 metres deep into the mountain. There you can admire the 30 metre high dome of the cave with gigantic stalagmites. The caves of "Park Pećinski Grabovača" keep a constant temperature in summer and winter of 8 degrees Celsius. Besides this climate appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear is no age or given condition reuqirement for the visit. The way through the caves is at least 4 metres high and 25 metres wide. But during the 2 hour visit round 470 steps need to be climed. The caves are open daily from April 1st to September 30th. Further information can be found at

A Seaside day...

In 30 minutes by car you reach the coast of the Croatian Adria. The cities Senj or the popular Novi Vinodolski invite with clean beaches and some nice small bars and restaurants.


We recommend a visit in Krasno, a famous place of pilgrimage in mid of Velebit moutains. It's just 15 km away Čovići.

Many pilgrims from whole Croatia and a few neighbour countries visit the catholic church "Lady of Krasno". You can approach the church by car or by walking the hiking trail. There is a restaurant on top of the hill, from that you have a great scenic view over Velebit mountains.

In Krasno village is a small cheese dairy that produces and sell local mountain cheese. You shouldn't miss it!

Nearby you find the bear rearing station Kutervo. Motherless baby bears are reared there and prepared for their life in wildness of Velebit.

Bear rearing station Kuterevo

A few km away from Krasno you reach the moutain village Kuterevo with it's bear rearing station.

You can watch motherless baby bears in their outdoor enclosure. The babies grow up in the station and are prepared for their life in wildness of Velebit.

This bear station is not only exciting for children... the scenery is overwhelming and the mountain village Kuterevo delivers insight into life in high mountains.

Going fishing at Gacka

The river Gacka is wellknown for the plenty of different fishes like trouts, carps and crayfishes. Due to the optimized water temperature and the high oxygen level the trouts grow up to 4 times faster than in other river areas. Fishing season is from beginning April till end of September. You can purchase fishing permission tickets locally in Čovići or Otočac.

Tennis courts

In Čovići you can rent Tennis Courts or take some lessons with certified Tennis Trainers.

capital Zagreb

Croatia's capital Zagreb can be reached directly via highway A1, it's just 130 km away from Čovići. Zagreb has round 780.000 inhabitants and is the biggest city of Croatia. Zagreb offers a wide range of cultural events, sightseeing points and shopping centers.


The coastal city Opatija is also called "Marbella of Croatia". Centuries ago Opatija was a summer resort for the monarchs of the K&K period. Today Opatija is still on of the Mediterranean main attractions for wealthiness and beauties. There is a lot to see!

Olympic Winter resort Bjelolasica

The former Olympic Winter Resort Bjelosasica is appr. 80 km away. The famous nature parks of Smarske i Bijele Stijene, the high mountains Klek, the rivers Dobra, Kupa and Mrzenica are nearby. Due to it's overwhelming nature Bjelolasica is a paradies for hikers!

Rovinj und Pula in Istrien

One and a half hours by car lets you get to Istria Peninsula and its scenic little towns Rovinj and Pula which are both are affected by Venice architectural style. A walk through the historic old town is exciting for the whole family!

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